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Anabolic steroids are medications that act like male sex hormone which is testosterone entering the body from outside. Almost all drugs have been developed to accelerate recovery after severe injuries, fractures, burns, with the weakening of immunity, exhaustion and also to raise the General tone. Anabolic steroids cause a positive nitrogen balance and significantly accelerate protein synthesis in the cell, resulting in a marked increase of muscle fibers. Thanks to these properties, they have been widely used in speed-strength sports and bodybuilding.
Sports pharmacology allows the common man to repeatedly overcome his genetic potential to develop a muscular and balanced physique, increasing strength and endurance. However, do not be fooled into believing that it is enough to buy the steroids and muscles grow on their own. Pharmacology is just one part of an indivisible whole, equally as nutrition and high-intensity workouts.
If you want to build muscle, perseverance and sports supplements will not be enough. The fact that the body of any person in a state of normal metabolism is able to absorb only a small part of the nutrients and protein that it receives. Of course, you can gain weight by eating a lot of carbohydrates, however, it will be exclusively fat mass. This is due primarily to the fact that in natural conditions in the body rarely, there is a shift of nitrogen balance in a positive way that eliminates the possibility of the synthesis of new proteins.

The mythical danger of steroids
Very often you can find negative and scary reviews about the effects of the use of a drug. Certainly, steroids are drugs, which in some cases can cause a variety of side effects. However, information about them is dramatically exaggerated. Very often you can hear that the use of steroids inevitably leads to impotence, kidney damage and liver damage, infertility and so on. It is important to distinguish between "use" and "abuse". If you take the medicines as prescribed, in 95% of cases there are no adverse reactions, and others, are reversible. In case of abuse, when dosages are too high, and the duration of the course is too large, the risk of adverse reactions increases significantly, which in turn may increase the frequency of irreversible complications. Often in the media that steroids are against the background of abuse, thereby creating a picture of extreme danger.
For anybody not a secret that over the past 30 years, there is no "clean" Olympic record.
Sprinters, boxers, weightlifters, runners, actors, race horses... and ... the list goes on.
Judge for yourself whether the person who feels unwell, to build muscle impressive volume, to become an outstanding athlete, set a new record? Obviously not. Even a runny nose or a cold will not allow you to exercise comfortably, not to mention more serious diseases. If every athlete had the disease of the liver or kidneys, we would have never known great athletes who have conquered the world of sports.

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